About gwadar central

Why Gwadar Central?

The selection of location is of central importance while investing in real estate. The Gwadar Central, as the name suggests, is a housing project located right in the centre of Gwadar. It’s a luxurious and amenity-rich housing project approved by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

The Gwadar Central is located in the category “A” of “Gwadar Master Plan” which ensures preferential development and is an indication of the premium real estate in the city.The Gwadar Central is supremely located at the junction of three main arteries i.e.:

Coastal Highway – 280 Feet Wide National Highway

Sarawan Avenue – 150 Feet Wide Structure Road

& Buleda Avenue – 150 Feet Wide Structure Road.

This one-of-a-kind project is situated just 1 kilometer from Jinnah Avenue (300 Feet Wide), which is the main commercial boulevard and hub of Gwadar.


convenient location, close to all amenities

Schools and Educational Institutions

Dedicated land for mosques

Modern Hospital at a central location

Playgrounds and parks

24 hour State-of-the-art security

Shopping and entertainment areas

Gwadar – Pakistan’s future

Gwadar will be the only Smart City in Pakistan as envisioned by the Smart Port City Plan. For this purpose, all avenues shall be considered, with particular emphasis on updating the existing plans to reflect the latest thinking in sustainability, economic clustering and the development of a regulatory environment that facilitates economic growth. In addition, the confluence of physical, social and intellectual capital with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure will be integral to the plan, in order to ensure that Gwadar City is developed along the lines of an integrated ‘Smart’ port city – a city that will leverage information technology-based solutions to boost the economic productivity and quality of life of its citizens, whilst minimizing resource consumption and pollution.