CPEC – Peace with Afghanistan & Employment

Recently, a team of journalists visited Gwadar and had a meeting with the Chairman of China Overseas Port Handling Company, Zhang Baozhong. The meeting mainly covered Baozhong’s plans regarding the port’s potential benefits. He discussed how it’s a game-changer for landlocked Central Asian states and can play a vital role in peace initiation with Afghanistan.

While the rest of the world has been slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CPEC’s developmental progress hasn’t halted at all. Moreover, a few of Gwadar’s projects are ahead of the schedule and are expected to be completed before time.

Mr. Baozhong stated how thousands of metric tons of fertilizers have already been transported to Afghanistan through the Gwadar Port. Moreover, the first sugar consignment being shipped through Gwadar is also destined for Afghanistan.

So far, around 500 million US-dollars have been spent on the development of the Gwadar project and its progress is quite impressive. The project hasn’t just provided the country with Energy and Infrastructural Development but an opportunity for 60% of our youth to be employed and fulfilled.

The Phase-II of CPEC will mainly focus on the industrialization of the region including petrochemical, cement, mobile processing, steel, edible oil, and home accessories industries.

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