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CPEC Will Change The Fate Of Balochistan

According to the Federal Minister for Planning and Development, “CPEC will change the fate of Balochistan”. In his speech at Quetta, he stated how the Southern districts of Balochistan have remained backward due to negligence from the previous governments but the PTI government will surely take special steps to combat the problems Balochistan is facing right now.

Balochistan has been a victim of government negligence, an underdeveloped education sector, a water crisis, and a population crisis. Overexploitation of resources and lack of rain has left the region with nothing but barrenness. The residents don’t have access to clean drinking water and lack of education is rampant.

In this time of need, PM Imran Khan has heard the cries of Baloch residents and has stated the possibility of visiting Gwadar next month and announcing a package of 150 Billion PKR for the development of Southern Balochistan.

This package will be invested in developmental projects and education sector of Balochistan and its southern parts.

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