Before spending your hard earned money in any housing scheme, give a quick read to the following guidelines to ensure for a safe and secure investment in any private housing scheme. In order to eliminate the chance of fraud and cheating, ask for the approval letter acquired from the relevant authority of the concerned area. Make sure that the society has fulfilled all the legal requirements.

  • Check out the approved map of the society and look over the total number of commercial and residential plots.
  • Get all the details regarding numbers and blocks of those 20% plots which are temporarily in the possession of the relevant authority as per the rules and regulations of said authority.
  • Make sure that the plot you are interested to purchase exists on the approved map and review carefully that your plot is not on the land reserved for amenities like mosques, schools, parks, community centre etc. in the society.
  • Check from the concerned office of the assistant registrar if there are any cases registered against the housing society.

  • Before investing in any housing scheme, check the complete details regarding the approval of the society from the official website of GDA, LDA, CDA, RDA etc. and have a look over the payment plan. If there is anything illegal then do not buy any plot in that housing scheme.
  • Ask the sales person or agent when the developmental works of the society will be completed.
  • Never forget to inquire the timeframe to get possession of the plot.

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