[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]The China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor resulted in the commencement of several infrastructural, energy, trade and transportation projects. Amongst these one such endeavour is of an all-inclusive nature i.e. The Gwadar City and Port.nnOf late, Gwadar has been an essential word in the real estate jargon. With a credulously forecasted boon in the Pakistani economy, Gwadar has caught the eye of investors, buyers, speculators and cynics alike. While the commercial and infrastructural projects are state owned and run, there are many opportunities for private businesses to invest, flourish and contribute to revenue generation for the country.nnnnAs per, an abstract notion presents a rosy image, which is why a tangible proof is imperative. Gwadar City’s master plan* is a visual proof of the intended planned projects which permits a firm prediction of what to expect from the mega endeavour.nnGwadar City’s master plan* can possibly be classed in three sections i.e. the residential portion, the commercial areas, as well as the unique amenities and facilities the city offers. For this part of the Master Plan series, the prime focus will be on the residential section, and the pros and cons of purchasing a residential property in Gwadar City.nnThe China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor has served as an impetus for the realty market in Gwadar. Several housing schemes have already broken ground for development and have properties and plots for sale. Why should we consider Gwadar as a possible residential location you ask? Well the answer lies in its thoroughly calculated strategies resulting in planned development of the city and carefully scrutinized executions.nnOne of the most prominent housing schemes in Gwadar is Gwadar Central. The society has obtained a category-A NOC from the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). Its close proximity to vital locations such as the Gwadar airport, GDA hospital, Golf Club and Sports Centre, vegetable market, “Eidgah” and a weekend bazaar makes it an idyllic residential locale.nnA coal power plant situated in Gwadar itself, is likely to ensure an unobstructed power supply to its inhabitants, translating in to luxurious living. Apart from the smooth provision of fundamentals, essential establishments like parks, schools,nnuniversities, bus terminals, and mosques, are also within a convenient reach of the residents.nnWith advanced security plans and their efficient execution, tourism industry is expected to flourish and contribute towards generating revenue.nnPort cities around the globe are major tourist attractions, and with Gwadar being the largest deep sea, warm water port in the world, will not disappoint the visitors. Similarly, the Makran Coastal highway, has a picturesque, scenic view, for those travelling on it. An anticipated large tourist influx makes room for potential businesses, markets, and commercial activities, which will naturally, be available to Gwadar’s indigenous.nnStay tuned for part (ii) and (part iii) of Gwadar’s Master Plan Series. If this article was helpful to you, please leave a comment for us!n

*Gwadar City’s Master Plan Has Not Yet Been Officially Released.

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