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It has been more than a year since the media blackout in Kashmir. The region is in state of civil war as people are fighting for their freedom every day. Among all the Asian countries, India is the only one that keeps on disturbing the region’s peace by its nefarious expansion plans. All Asian countries have similar goals when it comes to the region’s success and trade future. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has been appreciated by all Asian countries as it will connect the region to the bigger foreign markets of Europe and the Middle East.


However, India’s attempts at occupying Gilgit Baltistan and halting the BRI progress remain constant. Therefore, this western shill among the Asian block is harmful to the development of the continent. Since China has captured and occupied Ladakh, all of India’s attempts slow CPEC down, have been made useless. After India’s failed attempts, other CPEC opposed forces such as the US are in action.


In order to see if the US has been making attempts at slowing CPEC down or not, one has to take a closer look at what kind of commotions are taking place in our country. The recent rallies lead by PMLN and PPP, have clearly been targeting the peace and stability we have gained after a long time. These rallies are a proof of foreign agitation in order to slow down the developmental projects under the current government.


It is clear that Nawaz Sharif, who is leading this disobedience movement from London, does not care about the party workers, elected officials, the general public, or the economic stability we have gained after a long time. Therefore, it is our duty as the citizens of Pakistan to not disturb the peace of the region merely because our political leader riles us up to do so. This is a crucial time for the economy of Pakistan and it must not be wasted by dirty dynastic politics.

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