A new Ambassador has been assigned to Pakistan from China and Mr.  Nong Rong had a meeting with the CPEC Authority Chairman, Asim Bajwa. He conveyed how Beijing wants to build CPEC as a high quality model project for BRI.


The Chairman of Corridor Affairs Authority, Ali Shah, was also present in the meeting. He welcomed the new envoy and states how CPEC plays in important role in the development of Pakistan and how it has helped the economy of Pakistan to get back on track slowly. He also mentioned that CPEC has received immense support and appreciation from the people of Pakistan.


Rd. General Bajwa informed the Ambassador that the CPEC Authority is ready to provide all kinds of support and assistance when it comes to the progress of all the projects under this flag. He also offered to take effective steps in order to strengthen the communication between two countries.


The Chinese Ambassador appreciated the support of Pakistanis and said, “The construction of the CPEC has continuously achieved positive results due to the care and support of the top leaders of the two countries.”


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