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Recently the 8th CPEC Joint Working Group on Transport Infrastructure meeting was held in Peshawar. The meeting discussed possibilities of many new projects that will be initiated under CPEC through Chinese grants and investments from Islamabad. The PTI Government in KP has been pushing for as many developmental projects as they can in the region. The government clearly doesn’t want KP to be left behind anymore.


Finally, these efforts bore fruit and 3 new road projects have been approved under CPEC in the KP region. The virtual meeting headed by Zafar Hasan from Pakistan’s side and China’s Vice Minster Dao Dongchang from Chinese side approved of Swat Expressway, Dir Expressway, and a motorway from Peshawar to DI Khan.


The Motorway from Peshawar to DI Khan will be 320kms long. It was initiated by Maulana Fazlur Rehman however it was later adopted by CPEC. It iwill connect DI Khan to Islamabad. The Swat Expressway will be 182kms long and it will connect Chakdara to Fatehpur Phase-II. It will have 9 interchanges and it will connect to eight main bridges of river Swat. Its estimated cost is 60.5 billion PKR. The Dir Expressway is 30kms long and it is being built on the general public demand. Many other road projects were also requested by the public and they are being analyzed to see if their construction is feasible under CPEC or not.

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