The sleepy fishing village of Gwadar in the South West of Pakistan has now been transformed into one of the biggest hubs for potential investment and trade. The smart port city of Gwadar has been a crucial part of Pakistan’s real estate vocabulary for the past decade or so. However, many people have a lot of underlying misconceptions about the worthwhileness of buying property in Gwadar and the pace of development. Most probably they do not fully comprehend the profitability aspect of investment in the emerging trade hub of Asia.nnWith the inception of CPEC, the city has been under the radar of real estate investors from all over the country and abroad. Substantial plans are in place, and as a result, this is the optimum time to invest in Gwadar. Here we have mentioned some crucial incentives for you to buy property in Gwadar. n

1. Strategic Location

nGwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. It is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 km from Karachi and 550 km from Muscat, Oman. The deep-sea port lies on the trade route between China and Europe via the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Easy accessibility and mega-infrastructure development make the Gwadar port a perfect location for an international trade hub in Pakistan and all of South Asia. This proximity to the major economies of the world provides Gwadar an edge over the other seaports. nnMoreover, the Chinese government has identified Gwadar as a suitable location for an overseas commercial hub that can serve both land-locked western China and Central Asia (to which it is connected via road and rail links). This strategic location makes property in Gwadar a highly lucrative investment. n

2. Safe and Secure Investment

nThe security of Gwadar is the top priority for the Government of Pakistan and the Army. Several steps have been taken to make Gwadar more secure for investors. In 2016 a Special Security Division was entrusted with the security of individuals working under CPEC. SSD comprised 9000 soldiers of the Pakistan Army and 6000 paramilitaries who were assigned the duty of protecting the region. nnApart from alleviating security concerns on land, the Government of Pakistan has also taken initiatives to secure the coast through the maritime security agency and Pakistan Airforce. n

3. Endless Business prospects

nGwadar, when fully operational, will be the hub of financial activities from transportation and hospitality to entertainment and recreation. This influx of activities makes Gwadar a highly beneficial investment for businessmen, contractors, and real estate investors. Thus, buying property in Gwadar today will guarantee a much better future outcome than anticipated.n

4. 1.2 Million Job Opportunities

nMost property dwellers firmly hold the opinion that the price of the property is directly proportional to the job opportunities in any given region. According to the Gwadar Smart City Master plan, 1.2 million job opportunities will be available in the smart city of Gwadar. This vast influx of opportunities will create a rush of expatriate professionals in Gwadar. Such a massive number of people will require a place to live, so the property in Gwadar will be in demand. nnThere are projections of a sizable increase in the workforce of Gwadar in the near future, which show that the property has great investment potential.n

5. High Return on Investment

nAs an investor, your sole objective must be to invest in a property that will provide you with tremendous income in the long run. With long-term and short-term plans in Gwadar going on at a much faster pace than in the past, buying property in Gwadar will provide you with profit gains in a time frame sooner than anticipated. The meager rates of property in Gwadar are recently the most appealing scenario. And experts believe that they will increase at a rapid pace after Gwadar is fully operational. n

6. Tourism Prospects

nPakistan is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world in terms of natural habitat. Nature has gifted Pakistan with exalting high-top mountains and alluring lush green valleys, which serve as a magnet to attract tourists. Moreover, the ancient historical buildings are the icing on the cake. Gwadar, after being fully operational, will serve as an entry point for millions of tourists around the world. That is why buying property in Gwadar will be a highly lucrative deal for you, whether you will make it a tourist motel or start your own tourist attraction company. nnTo warp up the discussion, we would say that Gwadar is unequivocally a gold mine for investors. These are the few reasons that imply the worthwhileness of buying plots in Gwadar. Apart from that various megastructures are also in the process of completion in Pakistan’s smart port city that includes Pakistan’s largest Airport, mega shopping malls, man-made islands, and several recreational centers.nnOverall, it appears that buying property in Gwadar can be a great investment. However, you need to be careful about where you buy and who to trust when looking at properties. Some unscrupulous individuals will take advantage of prospective buyers. That’s why it’s important to invest in a trusted real estate society. nnGwadar Central is a one-of-a-kind project situated just 800 meters from Jinnah Avenue (300 Feet Wide Road), which is the main commercial boulevard and hub of Gwadar. It’s a housing project approved by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). The Gwadar Central is located in the “Category A” of the Gwadar Master Plan which ensures preferential development and is an indication of the premium real estate in the city.nnBook Your 5 & 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential Plots, 4 and 8 Marla Commercial plots with easy monthly installments and 100% land ownership.

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