The mesmerizing beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas is praised by many. However only a few are aware of the charm of the country’s south coast. For decades, whenever people talk about traveling the idea of northern areas pops in their minds. With beautiful beaches, mountains and golden sand Balochistan is so full of opportunities too. nnBalochistan has a strategic and geographical location connecting many areas of Balochistan with the marine coastline. Gwadar is a recently discovered treasure of Balochistan located on the southwestern coast of the province, which is expected to become the largest city of Pakistan due to CPEC. When it comes to the allure of natural beauty Gwadar has its own unmatchable charm. One of the biggest attractions of Gwadar is its mesmerizing Gwadar beaches. nnIt is said that Beaches in Gwadar possess a set of seven alluring colors and every time you look at them they look different. The awe-inspiring blend of crystal blue seawater with whitish mountains as a backdrop creates a hard to forget image in the mind of visitors. nnMoreover, the Gwadar port beaches are under Naval supervision which makes it super safe and easy to travel and stay. And the best part is that Gwadar has yet to face the hazardous impacts of polluted city life. This article will pay homage to a few enticing beaches of the Smart port city of Gwadar. n

Beaches in Gwadar

nGwadar beaches are mostly in limelight owing to CPEC related projects. The Gwadar beach is home to pristine beaches on one side and astonishing wind-carved formations on the other side. The Gwadar port connects Pakistan to all the major trading spots, which makes it highly strategic for business as well as for tourism. Moreover, Gwadar is among the highest deep harbors in Pakistan and worldwide. nnInvestors are highly motivated to build costly Gwadar beach resorts, theme parks, and other recreation projects to promote tourism on the beaches of Gwadar, and for that purpose, they are buying commercial plots for sale in Gwadar. n

Kund Malir Beach, Makran Coastal Highway

nKund Malir BeachnnAs per the “The World’s Best Beaches For 2018” list, Kund Malir beach is termed as the most exotic and definitely one of the country’s top tourist attractions. The flawless shoreline of Kund Malir beach lines is located at the bottom of Hingol National Park, and it lies between mountain, sea, and desert.  nnThe unparalleled serenity and the pristine aura of this golden beach make it a must-visit destination on your Pakistan trip. nnDrive through the coastal highway to delve into the charm and relax on the smooth sand of the Arabian Sea. You can behold these mesmerizing waves as you elope from civilization on this remote stretch of paradise. n

Astola Island, Gwadar

nAstola IslandnnOn her visit to Gwadar, the famous adventurer Tracy Curtin-Taylor remarked that she has never witnessed a coastline this beautiful. The island is also known as Jazeera Haft Taleer Stadip or “ Island off seven Hills”, owing to the small rugged mountains that stretch 15 sq km. The island is located at an approximate distance of 35km from Pasnai town and is approached through boating in Gwadar. The ride through the marine beach presents an alluring view of turquoise water that is coupled with oddly shaped rocks formations. nnThe island is located in a remote location which makes its exquisite beauty untouched. It’s located at a seven-minute drive from Karachi to Pasni, from there you have to opt for three-hour boating from Gwadar to reach Astola. n

Daran Beach

nDaran BeachnnThis picturesque beach lies along the Makran coastal highway near Iran. Along with towering cliffs and clear blue waters, the beach also hosts a special hut maintained by coastal guards. The hut was built by Queen Victoria during world war II. nnDaran Beach is a protected beach, as it’s where WWF-Pakistan has been working to conserve green turtles, an endangered species, for over 10 years now. This hut coupled with the amazing sunsets of Jawani is unequivocally a treat for visitors. This is the last town before the Pak Iran border begins. Pak-Iran relations are flourishing as Iran intends to invest in Gwadar oil refinery plants, so this beach is totally safe for visitors. n

Hammerhead Beach

nHammerhead BeachnnThis gifted beach resembles the head of a hammer and is known for its uniqueness. The mesmerizing hammerhead beach is an enthralling merge of seashore with desert land. This marine beach is even visible from an airplane above, the 1700 foot-high cliff possesses a distinct hammer-like appearance and it’s surrounded by a sea on three sides. To the south of Hammerhead, the beautiful Arabian sea extends whereas to the north whole Gwadar port city is located. n

To wrap things up!

nThe marine beaches in Gwadar are holistically cherished around the world.  The blissful beauty that is combined with all the other perks of having a remote vacation destination in the desolated city of Gwadar makes it a dream come true. nnThe strategic and geographic location of Gwadar port is of great significance. Gwadar enjoys ideal climatic conditions all around the year which makes it an even better holiday spot. In a few years with the development of modern beach resorts and other infrastructure, the tourism industry in Pakistan will be booming. It is advisable to buy commercial plots in Gwadar Central as you can use them later for tourism-related businesses.

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