Gwadar CPEC (China–Pakistan Economic Corridor) project worth $60 billion is believed to change the fate of Pakistan and its people for the better. The much-talked-about infrastructure projects under the CPEC will add a new chapter in the power sector of Pakistan.  Energy generation is a primary focus of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, with approximately $33 billion expected to be invested in this sector.nnHere are a few major progress updates regarding the ongoing CPEC energy-related projects.n

300 MW Power Plant in Gwadar to Start Functioning by 2023

nIslamabad: Work is in full swing for the 300-megawatt coal-fired Gwadar Power Plant, which will be functional by 2023, officials in reported.nnThe power plant would free 150,000 inhabitants of Gwadar from electricity and water problems by the end of 2023, under the 2050 Smart city Master Plan of GwadarnnThe coal-fired power plant, an independent power producer,  is one of the crucial power projects in Gwadar under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).  The core of the project is to enhance power reliability on the local power supply.nnWhile addressing a meeting with Developers of Pakistan and members of Association of Builders, Shahzeb Khan Kakar, Director-General of GDA, said “the project aims to improve the reliability of local power supply and gradually solve the current situation of economic development and urban construction in the Gwadar region being restricted by the shortage of power.”nn Zhang Baozhong, Chairman of China Overseas Ports Holding Company stated, “We are presently spending millions of dollars per year to generate from diesel generators. I hope the plant would be operationalized soon to solve the port’s power scarcity issues. The power plant is of great significance to deepening the energy cooperation between China and Pakistan, boosting the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, improving the overall power structure of Balochistan, and promoting local economic development in Gwadar Port.” nnAll major projects under CPEC, including the New Gwadar International Airport Project, Gwadar Power Plant, China-Pak Technical and Vocational Institute, the China Pak Friendship Hospital, in Gwadar, the Gwadar East-bay Expressway Project, Gwadar Port, and Gwadar Free Zone would become a shining pearl in the region.n

Pakistan to take Iranian Electricity to power up Gwadar Port

nGwadarnn nnIslamabad: The Pakistani government has started negotiating with the Iranian Government for the import of 70-100 megawatt Iranian electricity to power up Gwadar port as Tehran is enjoying a surplus.nnThe decision was taken during the session of the Cabinet Committee on China Pakistan Economic Corridor which was held under the Chairmanship of Asad Umer, Federal Minister of Planning Development and Special Initiatives. nnDuring the meeting, different options were considered for the provision of electricity to Gwadar as the 300MW Powerplant is under construction in Gwadar. The meeting observed that for the time being the only feasible option was the import of 70 to 100-megawatt power from Iran. nnAccording to the meeting, when the local 300 MW coal-fired power plant will be ready in a year or two and 220 KV lines would also be installed the extra power would be added to the national grid.nnEarlier Tehran was proving electricity to Balochistan, after witnessing a decrease in its hydel production a couple of years ago Tehran suspended the electricity provision agreement. nn 

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